How to create your own stickers for whatsapp

Stickers are the next generation way of chatting, haha you won’t believe you might have seen,used or tried to download stickers from whatsapp in recent times. Facebook owned whatsapp have added stickers to the next list of new features to make chatting more exciting.

Yeas stickers for whatsapp is official now and it’s been rolled out to users either in beta versions. To download android beta versions but click here

iPhone users have already got the stickers for their whatsapp.
If you are the one left out in your group without stickers/ or a hardcore android user waiting for stickers you can download the beta version of whatsapp for android to enjoy it.
Meanwhile if you are already the one using sticks here is the guide how to create your own stickers.
Android as at its best allows us to create our own stickers even with your images. You can keeep it private among your family groups/ close friends or you can publish to public as well.
Below is the step by step guide how to create stickers:

Goto play store and download “Sticker maker for whatsapp”
Open the app
Tap on “Create a new sticker pack” and give name for the pack and author name

3) A tray icon wil appear on the screen click on it and give the required permissions for the app

4) Click on select file or take photo option to upload the image. Draw an outline over the image that yu want to keep as a sticker
5) Tap on Yes, save sticker. You can add any no of stickers in a pack from minimum 3 to maximum 30.
6) Publish the sticker pack when wil give a prompt whether users want to add the pack to their whatsapp or not.

Share the Stickers to your friends and family groups and individually.