China’s HOMTOM to launch 5 budget smartphones in India

China’s HOMTOM to launch 5 budget smartphones in India

Another Chinese company which is lured towards the indian Market, Yeas now HomTom a company which is completely new to India but have placed in legs in other country around the world like Africa, Europe, Middle east ,Latin America and North America.
Even though its new to Indian Market they are not new to mobile manufacturing sector.
Homtom is planning to release 5 mid range models in India. Because this is the place where if your product is worth for money then its valued and can attain a good market share.  But looking deep this mid range is the space where there are lots of Chinese players are dominating.Like Oppo, Vivo , Lenovo with its Motorolo as well its own lenovno brand, Xiaomi , Asus ,Samsung and nokia etc.


Homtom since started have expanded into 200 countries and regions and made their presence into diff continents.
This time HOMTOM have announced that they will manufacturing mobiles in India as well which boosts the governments make in India themes.

More about HOMTOM:

Coming to Homtom they also offer ODM services to various smartphones companies.
Company have said” India being second largest smartphone market after china,we intend to penetrate into India market with a vision of smarter phone for smarter India. We will be launching 5 new models in the mid-range segment soon”
There are no definitive news about the specs and the models which will be launched in India. But one thing the competition gets heavier now with one more new company.
Hope consumers are benefitted by quality products for right prices. Stay tuned for further updates from HOMTOM.

Even though there are few seelrs who are selling these HOMTOM phones in india. Few other Chinese websites also ship to India. Looking at the images these phone will set the difference with the design of the mobiles. Let’s wait and see what we will get for India.