Top 5 Alternatives for Oneplus wireless bullets within Rs.4000

Oneplus wireless Bullet

Oneplus introduced it’s first new wireless earphone – Bullet wireless last month along with Oneplus 6. The wireless bullet has a good build quality with great features and reasonable price. But it was never in stock except for few seconds which is the biggest drawback. Here we’ll see the top 5 oneplus wireless bullet alternatives.


  • Light weight magnetic wireless earphone
  • Wireless Bullet Supports fast charging as well. OnePlus claims that 10 mins of charge will give 5 hours of playback time.
  • Oneplus added energy tube for clearer reproduction and noise reduction
  •  We can  lock the wireless bullet just by attaching both earphones together (Magnets make them to stick together) and vice versa
  • Once the earphones are detached, music will resume from where it stops
  • Users can anwser call just by detaching the earphones
  • Supports Google assisstant

No Stock:

Oneplus is available at Rs. 3990 , however within 1 min of launch the product went put of stock and the new stocks have never been added.

Users who have planned to buy ineplus bullet wireless is still waiting and no one knows when the next stocks will be added. If you have made you mind to look for alternatives, well here is the list of top 5 alternatives at the same price range.

1. Jabra Elite 25E Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Jabra a Denmark based company which is known for audio headsets recently released its bluetooth earphone Elite 25E Bluetooth wireless earphones in India. This takes the top spot on our list due to it’s quality, price and features. This is arguably the closest competitor to OnePlus’ Bullets Wireless earphones.

Jabra 25E Wireless OnePlus Bullet Wireless


  • The Jabra 25E has a whopping 13 hours of battery life on a single charge
  • Features a rugged design with IP54 weather resistance
  • Jabra 25E headset has great ambient noise isolation
  • Similar to Oneplus’ woreless bullets, Jabra 25E also brings up the assisstant with a dedicated button.
  • Equipped with a vibration motor which alerts for incoming call/message.
  • Has great bass
  • Two features that are missing in Jabra 25E are fast charging and Magnetic controls.
  • Comes in 2 colors

Black:Buy from Amazon: Rs. 3,366

Silver:Buy from Amazon: Rs. 3,366

2. Skullcandy Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Skullcanday is one of the top and famous brands in earphones amd headphones. It’s wireless earphone Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireless Earphones stands second in our list.

Skullcandy Method wireless OnePlus Bullet Wireless


  • Skullcandy is known for its bass and it offers the same quality
  • The device offers up to 9 hours of battery backup which is higher than Oneplus’ witeless bullets.
  • The company claims that the earphone is sweat resistance but it doesn’t have an IP rating or certification
  • Voice assisstant can be brought with a dedicated voice button
  • Stunning design and colorful look
  • The neck band isn’t flexible like Oneplus’ wireless bullets and it doesn’t support fadt charging as well.
  • This is a great device for bass lovers.

Buy from Amazon: Rs. 4,099

3. Samsung Level U Bluetooth wireless Earphones

The Samsung Level U Bluetooth wireless is a surprise package from Samsung. The pricing is very affordable from Samsung. No doubt in the samsung’s build quality, Surprising feature in this earphone is it’s great battery life.

This Will be a perfect alternative, if you’re looking for earphones that have great battery life, magnetic controls and at an affordable price of Rs. 2,648.

Samsung Level U wireless OnePlus Bullet Wireless


  • The Samsung Level U Bluetooth earphones boast of up to 11 hours of battery backup on a single charge which is the highest in this range as we know.
  • Samsung Level U earphones provides great sound output with punchy bass
  • Earphones do have magnets but it doesn’t control the playback , thwy are only for easy use.
  • Few users prpvided feedback about some sound leaking while we’re listening to music at max volume.

Buy from Amazon: Rs. 2,648

5. JBL E25BT Signature Sound Wireless bluetooth Earphones

Brand name is enough to describe this product. JBL E25BT Signature sound wireless is another great option which you can consider as oneplus’ alternative. The earphones doesn’t feature a thick neck band and it is very light and comfortable.

JBL E25BT wireless earphones OnePlus Bullets WirelessFeature:

  • Just like most of the JBL earphones, the E25BT Signature Sound alsl offers great bass.
  • At Rs. 3,090 ,the JBL E25BT is also cheaper than the Bullets Wirless earphones,
  • To reduce the price and weight, the device have a flimsy plastic design.
  • One of the great feature is JBL E25BT comes with braided cables which look a lot more durable than the cables on the Bullets Wireless or most of the earphones.
  • The JBL E25BT earphones has a great 8 hour battery backup and this also comes with a detachable clip to prevent it from moving around during workouts.

Buy from Amazon: Rs. 3,090

5. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Skullcandy offers one more wireless earphones Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth wireless earphones which is even cheaper than the Skullcandy Method Bluetooth Wireles which we have seen earlier. This earphone provides powerful bass, which is missing in OnePlus Bullets which makes this as a worthy competitor.

Skullcandy Inkd wireless OnePlus Bullets Wireless

  • This skullcandy earphones match the Bullets Wireless’ battery life of 6 hour playback.
  • But unlike Oneplus bullet wireless, this one doesn’t support fast charging support.
  • The cables are flimsy but for the price thisbis really a good competitor.

Buy from Amazon: Rs. 2,999


Hope this will give you some options to consoder for. Stay connected with us to get the latest updates on Tech and Gadgets.