Tired of Brushing manually? Now you have electric brushes

Electric brush:

Tired of brushing manually everyday? Well you don’t have to be. Now we’ve got electric tooth brush.

Yes you read that right, It’s not electric bus , it’s really elecric brush. So, you may have a doubt that what it’ll do and how. we’ll see that here. Automation at it’s peak.

This is not new now, it’s been there in the market already. Now oral-B introduced it’s own electric brush in the market.

It comes with two variants. 2000 cross and 6000 cross rechargea le electric tooth brush with the price tag of Rs.2999 and Rs.4399. You want to know what it does right. Please look at the below video whicj explains its functions.

What Oral-B electric tooth brush does:


  • Battery operated which can be recharged
  • Contains rotating power head
  • Comes with replaceable heads and the replacement units are available in the online stores as well.
  • Rotating Head has criss-cross bristel
  • Non rotating part of the brush head has angled criss-cross bristles which actually oscillates.
  • Once turned on, one part of the head will be rotatong and the other will be oscillating as seen in the video.
  • Oral-B claims that it’s new electric brush is safe and more effective than manual brushes in short and longer term.
  • Oral-B states that it is extremely comfortable.

Well we are not sure whether people will consider this product which is mutilple times costlier than the regular manual brush. We are surprised to see people actually tried and posted reviews as well for the product. Customer vlaims that it is useful for their 2-3 year old child.

We do see other cheaper electric brushes in the market. But it doesn’t provide warranty as Oral-B which gives you 1 year warranty. Also there aren’t good reviews of them. So we recommened you to go with branded one which is safe if you planned to buy one.

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