Microsoft released 10 inch Affordable Surface tablet – Specs and Price

Microsoft released 10 inch Affordable Surface tablet – Specs and Price

Microsoft after trying on few hardware products is now betting again on a new cheaper tablet the New Microsoft Surface Go, its little sibling of its popular surface pro tablet. The surface Go features a 10_inch screen, integrated kick stand, Windows 10, and a similar design to the surface Pro at a mind breaking price of $399. As the surface Pro is selling at a much larger price. Microsoft surface Pro will be available for pre order from July 10th  and starts shipping in August.

Microsoft Surface GO design:

The surface Go follows the same design pattern of the surface Pro. It’s just the smaller version of the surface Pro design. Surface GO has a 3:2 aspect ratio display (1800*1200).

A signature built-in kickstand at the back for unlimited positions.

A front facing camera with facial recognitions options,

Microsoft proprietary surface connector port for charging and connecting to a desktop dock.

It also has a USB type-C connector for charging and Data transfer to other devices.

Its have a curvy desing but a overall solid magnesium build quality.


Surface Go features:

           Surface GO has 3:2 touch screen to use the tablet in a landscape mode. It also has split screen and multitasking modes available in windows 10. Its not so comfort to use in a portrait mode given its screen aspect ratio.

The surface go weights around 500gram nearly which make it bit heavier than apple Ipad which is its prime competitor.

The surface go have similar sized bezels as Surface pro but its looks like a bigger bezels in Go because of its smaller size. The bezels have the advantage of holding the tab easily but make it looks outdated as 2018 becomes a year of no bezels.

Microsoft Surface GO- colour, Accessories and price:

It comes in Silver,red and Blue colours.

It comes with a optional keyboard cover which is available in 4 different colors. Microsoft says its keyboard provides a laptop calss typing experience with scissor key mechanism and 1mm of key travel.

Its costs around $99 or $129, depending on color.

Its comes with a pen will add another $99.  It also comes with a $34.99 new Bluetooth mouse with colors matching keyboards.


               Microsoft surface go is powered by a Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y processor with 4o or 8Gb of Ram and 64GB of eMMC storage or a 128Gb SSD. The processor is dual core seventh generation model, which gives a balance between performance and battery life says Microsoft.

Go has a battery life of 9hours claims Microsoft. We have to wait until the first product is shipped to check the real world performance as the things diff in real worlds scenarios. It’s the same processor found in many midrange chrome books, but the performance would differ as they have to push chrome OS rather than windows OS.

Microsoft will release Wifi version of Goa nd later a LTE equipped model will come.


Microsoft Go Software:

GO comes with a Windows 10 with S mode enabled. S mode allows to download and use only apps downloaded from Microsoft store. But it gives a advantage of moving to full version of windows 10 whenever they want.

Microsoft biggest challenge is to find the right customer for the surface Go. As it’s between the  highly popular IPad and more expensive Microsoft Surface PRO. But competiting with Apple’s IPad which is having a wide ecosystem of apps designed and optimized for touch screens and entertainment is difficult for Surface Go.

When checking it for a dedicated productivity machine it lacks the power full processor to compute the everyday computing. Microsoft should target the Ipad user with a Bluetooth keyboard instead of laptop, who can’t rely of expensive Surface Pro. Then Surface Go will be a perfect machine providing full windows 10, Microsoft Full office productivity suite.

Lets wait and see how the device performs in real time comparing to its competitors IPad. Windows 10 is an advantage let’s wait and see will that help the sales of Go.