New Android based Feature phone arrives in India? Jio phone competitor?

JIO future phone competitor Jolla phone?


New feature phone “Jolla” is ready to launch in India to competite with Jio.

JIO one of the most heard names  if you are in India . Where ever it may be  from each part of news , advertisements even in a very local shops. We can even proudly say its the one which is helping the whole India’s dream of digital India. This made data and calls almost free for everyone.

When you check out statistics only 40% of population are exposed to the internet. Jio after making the telecom business a hit and making the other networks a cry. few even merged to beat jio, but still jio is unstoppable. The latest head break from jio is the JIO PHONE
which even though comes with a lots of condition’s yeşilköy escort considering the price point its still a worth it… Now other telecoms companies stated to give deals to break the JIO phone’s success with their own strategy like airtel and idea combining with few OEM still all weren’t that much famous…. Now a another competitor seems to enter into Indian market as a OEM, (JOLLA a finish company ) formed by a former Nokia employee. If you are following tech news crisply you might heard of name Sailfish(from jolla) .


Finlands  Jolla  is planning to release its new feature phone with its sailfish os in India. One of the top executive of tech company updated this. Looks like they are getting demands for it and they are planning to release it with a downloadable OS sailfish OS3.

Still Jolla is one of the non-profit making company which started its operation mecidiyeköy escort few years back still struggling to capture the market . May be this competition with jio helps its to get a name.

“We want to make available to people who can install Sailfish OS on popular devices which we will do it over time. We have started with Sony open devices because they have a nice platform for it,” he said.

The company is also planning to roll out new security and mobile device management (MDM) solutions.

“The feature phone is something that came to us through a customer case from India. This is something we are definitely looking forward. The product [operating system] is ready on our side, and it is now more about the go to the market operation,” he said.
He said that the players in India are looking for a good level of customizability so that better user experience is provided as compared to JioPhone through pre-installed Android applications. wheres when asked will they support android GO program he said  added that Türk porno players that are in talks with Jolla don’t want Android Go products as it will “force-feed Google services to users even if they don’t need them.”-(Pienimäki – Jolla executive)

 Jio phone vs Jolla’s :

1) Jio runs with Kais OS ||  Jolla’s phone runs with SAILFISH3

2) Jio supports only facebook and Whatsapp is not currently supported anyway,whereas Jolla’s sailfish will support all top android apps and  its can be customized as thats the main advantage they are telling over Jio phone.

3) Jolla phone wont be any network binded and gonna support all networks if its getting released.

4) But JIO PHONE   head the advantage with the Jio contents and its free of cost ,
5) Jio phone gonna support- dual core processor wheras Jolla phone gonna have mediatek processors.  As these are futures phones the specs really doesn’t matter still those are good attractive terms



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