How fast is Jio Gigafiber? Check out the speed test results

Jio after the disruption in mobile industry is entering into Broad band service now. Jio Gigafiber is a pan India network completely based on optical fiber supporting next gen technologies.

Mukesh Ambani on reliance AGM meeting have announced Jio Gigafiber held on August 15th. It’s a FTTH broadband service offered to users via fixed lines. The service was started on experimental basis on select cities and to be rolled out all over India across 1,100 cities.

How to get Jio Gigafiber?

Jio broadband service will be enabled in your area based on the interest you expressed through Jio website or Myjio app. More the interest in your area Jio will prioritize start giving connections in your area.

If there are more interest from your area/locality Jio will contact, you for giving fixed line broad band service in your registered address.

Once the service is available in your area the Jio executive will come up for some normal paper works. You need to provide your photocopy and Aadhar card.

Jio Gigafiber Charges:

You need to make a  one time payment of Rs.4500 which is refundable when you are disconnecting the service. You need to make payments via Card/Paytm/Jio money. No cash is accepted. Once the primary stuffs are completed Jio executive will come and install the Jio Gigahub. They entire process will take 30-60 mins max. To be noted the entire installation is free of cost.

If Jio doesn’t announce its plans in these three months, the preview offer will be extended offering free data to users.As of now there are no plans announced. Jio also said post paid plans will be rolled out soon.

Whats Bundled with Jio Gigafiber?

Now Reliance jio have announced the free preview plans for Jio Giga Fiber broadband. Under the 90-day preview offer, Jio broadband is giving you 100 GB monthly data free for 3 months at internet speeds upto 100Mbps and access to Jio’s premium apps. Once the user uses the complimentary 100gb before the end of the month, Jio offers complimentary data top-up of 40Gb via Myjio app or through users can claim up to 25 top-ups every month taking their monthly data to 1100GB.

Jio Gigafiber Speed test:

Once everything is set up we did a speed test for both the frequencies on laptop as well as a mobile device. We tried speed test on both frequencies of 5Ghz and 2.5Ghz.

The average speed we got for 5Ghz frequency was over 80Mbps and we got high-speed of about 96Mbps which is close to what Jio have promised. Its more enough speed to enjoy any content with high resolutions of 4k even.

Whereas the speed reduced to 20Mbps for 2.5Ghz frequency. Furthermore, this can be improved going forward. Besides for a better speed and consistent performance you can connect your laptop via lan cable.

Likewise on a mobile device the speed is good on a smart phone with download/upload of 81Mbps/45Mbps on 5Ghz frequency. For a 2.5Ghz, the speed is around 12 to 13mbps.

Jio Gigafiber modem:


It’s a small white box as in the below picture. It has two USB ports, One PON port, One port to connect landline, a power button and a WPS button. Importantly, there is a small reset button under the WPS button which sets to device to default settings if pressed for more than 10 seconds. The fiber cable from outside connects to the modem inside.

Other Features:


Still there are no details about the Jio DTH service. Once the broadband services got stabilized Jio may come up with a DTH service. But the good news one can use the same hardware installed for Jio Gigafiber for the DTH service as well.

More importantly, it also allows users to enjoy hundreds of channels at the same cost. Let’s wait for the official launch for more details.

Source: Indian Express,