Hello from Orkut – how it is different and what is Hello coin


Remember Orkut? It is considered as the first social networking site till June 30,2014 when Google officially shut down it.


After Facebook launched, Orkut lost it’s place and it was never in the race since then. To competite with facebook, Google launched Google plus, which is again a failure. People liked Facebook. Also facebook added many features to stay top.

As we discussed, it’s tough time for facebook after the data breach issue. Check here to know about all the details about the issue. DeleteFacebook tag was trending worldwide in twitter and big shots like Tesla deleted their Face book page.


Now, when users losing their trust in Facebook, We hear a voice which was used to us. Yes, It is Orkut and it is back with bang with a new social platform “Hello”.

What is Hello? We’ll see what Orkut owner says about it.


You can download hello here. But it is available only in specific countires now. We’ve got news that Hello is live in India now, But we are not able to download it yet. Orkut.com is the official site and we’ll get more from from there.

How it is diffeerent from Facebook:

Unlike Facbook, Hello mainly focuses on people interaction related to their interesrs.  You’ll pick a few interests like Cricket, Gaming, when you sign up and upto a maximum of five friends whihmch Hello calls as ‘personas’ as . You’ll then receive the content related to your interests howecer you can change your interest at any point of time.

  • The main idea behind hello is they wants to build relationships between people with common interests.
  • Now available in five languages (including Hindi).
  • As usual, Signing up needs either your phone number or an email and other mandatory details like yiur Name, gender, location,photo, birth date.
  • ,All your details will be in ‘public’ by default.
  • If you want to post anonymously- you will need Hello’s virtual ‘coins’.
  • You’ll get few to start with and you have to pay if you need more.
  • Alternatively , you can earn Hello coins by engaging with other people.

Will it beat Face book which is the uncrowned king in social network. How is privacy maintained her? Let’s wait and see. Follow us for more updates.

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