MI TV for 5000?MI Fest is ON! Check out the great deals here


The MI is not gonna leave anyone who was in double mind to buy or not , with its irresistible offers on MI Fest from its flagship products to the lowest priced accessories it raining offers in its site on April 4&5 (MI FEST) . May be Xiaomi is trying to use this MI-FEst offers as  good way to get into indian eCommerce  market by its own rather than depending on Flipkart and Amazon partners always .

These offers are only in MI-India site and the MI-Home app. Below are few of  top offers in MI india site . http://event.mi.com/in/sales2018/mff


Mi TV for 5k , seriously you might wonder but MI is making the dream a true…

Yea if you are alert and on  time yea you may be lucky to be one of the lucky customer to get the deal.Strictly all the deals or for first come first serve as of the quantity is concerned everybody remember about MI flash sales.


The MI-MIX 2 is the top flagship bezel-less mobile MI offering currently and its 3k offer for it now if you use the best deals in upcoming days.

Even there are deals for MI-Air purifies omg Xiaomi is not leaving in india currenty from ear phones , chargers, powerbanks …..

       3000RS OFFER of MI-MIX 2

MI is also offering few flash sales for its top mobiles and TV’s in india through Mi india website.

If you are in doubt of thinking which mobiles to buy you can click on the link and find the top10 budget mobiles where Xiaomi have 3 models of it in top posisitions.

There are also top offers for its accessories ranging from usb conneting products to HRX band.

It also conducts  few sweet contests to offer prices / deals for its products.




It also offers 1000rs offer for the big battery big mamoth phone for the entertainment lovers.

Enjoy and happy shopping :)


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