How to get Free Royal pass and Free 8100 UC in PUBG (Verified play store trick)

PUBG is undoubtedly one of the top games now. One beautiful thing in the game is , the person who pays to buy Royal pass actually may have extra dance moves and new suits, but he doesn’t have any extra advantage over the normal free players in the game. To buy royal pass one has to spend Rs.750 in India. But here is a trick to get 8100 UC for free, Unlike any spam or phishing links which they ask you to login to any external sites and hack your account , this is actually a bug or trick with google playstore to buy UC for free. I personally tried and it worked like charm. So I’m sharing it here. Please follow the below steps to get tour 8100 UC for free.


Step 1

Open your Google playstore  -> Payment method -> Click on Redeem code

Play store -> Payment method Redeem code

Step 2

Type the below code in the Text box and click Redeem.

If the first code dint work, try the second code

Code 1
Code 1

If you get any message like your account is not eligble for this offer, Try with all your google accounts, your mom , dad ,sister or wofe’s one. If not one last option is , Go to your phone Settings-> Accounts->  select your google account and Remove account. Now create a new google account and try redeeming the code. 99% it’ll work. if it still doesn’t work :( I’m sorry, literally i do not know the terms and conditions of this account  but for new accounts it worked like charm.

Step 3

Go to google playstore and download, Google Opinion Rewards App.(No need to panic, it’s google’s official app)

Step 4

Set up Google Opinions Rewards app. You must select United states as Country and give any US postal code. For ex. 10010


Last step

Now open your pubg app  Click on Add UC icon and select Rs.7900

Select 7900 option

Make sure that you do not have any other google accounts except the one which you were able to successfully redeem the 140 Rs coupon code. You’ll see the below window now ;)

Final payment page


That is it, 8100 UC would have been credited to your account by now without even spending 1 Re. :). You can spend something on that to buy Royal pass.

If this trick worked for you  , great guyz enjoy your Royal pass and UC.  If not  I’m sorry :( , stay with us we’ll post only verified genuine tricks.