Vivo Nex 2 with Dual screen and triple camera setup going to be released soon

When coming to Innovation Apple iPhone was once a leading in all aspects once. With these Chinese players into the market innovating the new and the latest tech in all aspects from camera to display. Vivo Nex 2 is an ideal proof how series these dominant chinese players are.

Vivo Nex was a first phone to come with a slider display and IN-FINGER PRINT display. Now Vivo is gearing up for the Vivo Nex 2 .
Vivo has released promo images for its next Vivo Nex 2.Its clear from the images that the VIVO is keeping the front full screen display
and adding a secondary screen at the back. The main purpose of these screens are to eliminate the bezels and maintain full screen


These dual screen setups are not new to market and there are lot of devices. Yoto phone being the number one experimenting the
dual screen display back years. Recently Meizu Pro 7, the ZTE Nubia Z18S and more recently, ZTE Nubia X, have all used second screen for different purposes.Even LG have tried a secondary screen for notifications too.

Vivo Nex 2 special features:

Now Vivo is trying the same for its upcoming flagship model.These images are directly from the OEM and showing off a peculiar dual screen design.This is evidently to remove the notch for the full screen, which remove the front camera in the screen.We could also spot the triple camera setup housed within strange camera bump. The secondary screen will serve the purpose of camera as it eradicates the need for a separate selfie camera.

The second display serves the purpose of clicking selfies.The triple camera setup will house a Wide angle,Telephoto and a standard lens setup. Its bit tricky how Vivo Nex 2 handles the battery part as Display is the main energy drinking area.
Vivo Nex 2 will be powered by a next gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 845Soc, upto 8Gb or 10Gb Ram. The device will come with an updated in fingerprint technology.
Keep following us, we will be coming out with further more updates.
Its not clear when the phone will reach Indian/European markets.