List of Top 5 upcoming Flagship smartphones – specs and features

We are in the 2nd Quarter of 2018 and all the mobile manufacturers are filling their shelves with the flagship mobiles. There is a big queue as well, which are waiting to launch. India become one of the favourite market for the OEM manufacturers, being the most consumer friendly Indian market. All the companies are trying to get considerable market share which is comfortably hold by Samsung for years.                                                Irrespective of midrange mobile market where the Chinese players are dominating the Indian market.

Apple is inching every possible ways to take on Samsung for the flagship space. Apple products usually took months to release in India after it’s official launch. But now, they are within a month or less, which shows the dedication Apple is having towards indian market.

New Features:

Its 2018 and all might be wondering what might be the key differences the flagships going to offer to differentiate their product from other.
It’s clear every single mobile tanıtım videosu manufacturer opting to Notch now who criticized the same when IPhone X released.

Let’s see what top line features which top manufacturers can opt for to key differentiate their products from the other.
1) Nearly bezel less display or a notch display
2) Top Notch camera- This is going to be game changer as this is the only space left for improvements.

3)Already there are triple Camera tanıtım filmi çekimi setup models ( Huwaei p20) came into market to catch the market.

4) In-display fingerprint sensor- One of the most awaited feature. But we haven’t seen this in any commercially available mobiles now.

3) Sadly headphone jack became an option anf now it became a feature .

Still lot many of us are dreaming of getting tanıtım filmi one latest flagship mobiles but  then there are another set of flagship mobiles which are in queue.
Let’s have a  look at the flagship mobiles which may be available within next couple of months

  • One plus 6
  • Samsung S9 active
  • Samsung Note 9
  • Lg G7 Thinq
  • Pixel 3

Lets have a brief look about what we know about all the above models which are about to be released..

One plus 6:

If you are one of the diehard fan of Oneplus then the wait is almost over as the date for release have been revealed (May 17) with few new features like
— Bezel less display
— Water proof
— Top notch processors

To know about oneplus click here,

Samsung s9 Active:

News sources are stating that there is a miniature version of Samsung’s flagship S9 have been seen in bench mark results.
With slightly trimmed down version with a single camera instead of dual camera setup. We have to –wait where will Samsung place this mobile.

Key specifications:

— 4000 Mah battery ( a better battery than S9 )
— 2960 x 1440 display

— Snapdragon 845

—IP67 or more rated rugged mobile.

Samsung just adding a bigger battery and holding for months and releasing the active version of flagship S9. Creating competition to its own product which isn’t not a much healthy competition.

Lg G7 Thinq:

LG G7 thinq , LG which try to turn the heads with it’s next generation flagship , as far the rumours seen from  some of the recent reports, the LG G7 ThinQ and sport two 16-megapixel image will come with a edge to edge display  and dual 16MP sensors on the back. The handset will also have the latest snapdragon 845 Soc and include AI features.

With the recent reports it’s most likely to increase the audio features with Boom box speakers and Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) that will lower harmonic distortion.  Expected release date is May 2,2018.

Samsung Note 9 :

Being famous for the bigger screens , Samsung is planning for the next generation of Note9 to take on the Apple’s big screen phones. check here for the complete details about Samaung Note 8.

Google pixel 3:

After the success of Pixel, Google is working on its successor Pixel 3. Google has stopped the sale of Pixel and Pixel Xl (2016) models already. When we check the history of Google Pixel model’s release dates, Google chooses Oct 4th as the common date for both 2016 and 2017. So one can expect the google new model also to be released in oct sometime 2018, keeping a gap of one year.

But even there are other news like Google is working on 3 pixel models. One slightly the premium version like IPhone X and the other two like Pixel 3 and Pixel XL3. Please check here for the complete details and the expected features.

We will try keep posting on the information’s once available as early as possible.


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