PUBG LITE is set to launch in India – Release date and minimum specifications


PUBG  is undoubtedly one of the most addictive online games. The company keeps on bringing new updates on every season including Zombie mode, new weapons and challenges. This is also one of the reasons for its huge success and people doesn’t get tired.


PC version of PUBG is one of the heavy games with highly advanced graphics. Hence one definitely need a gaming laptop with minimum 4GB of graphics card to play this game smoothly. But to overcome this restriction and increasing the scope of the game, the company has worked on a LITE version of the game. The LITE version of the game has been released recently in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil and Bangladesh.

India Release

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite is finally making its way to India.
The official Facebook page of PUBG India has shared an image recently which includes a silhouette of the Taj Mahal with the words ‘PUBG LITE Coming Soon.’

PUBG Lite is a LITE version of the original PC Version and compatible with lower-end PCs and laptops as well. So gamers don’t need a dedicated GPU to get the best experience as an integrated one should be enough to run the game smoothly. Check out the minimum system requirements

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 7,8,10 64Bit
CPU: Core i3 @2.4Ghz

Graphics: Intel HD 4000
HDD: 120GB

As you see the requirements,  the game is designed in the way that any decent laptop with core i3 processor will be good enough for the Lite version

Release date

Though the launch date has not been officially confirmed by the company yet  but the  various discussions on  the social media channels suggest that the game could launch by the end of June month. The game is expected to be live during the Steam sale around June 25.

If you are not aware, unlike PUBG mobile version one need to buy a steam account to play the game in PC. The lifetime membership of steam would be around  Rs.1500. You may get some offers often. Using One steam account you can play multiple big games like call of duty, NFS, PUBG etc. for free.