Oneplus Wireless bullet launch date is announced – Check it out


Oneplus Bullet Wireless:

Oneplus introduced it’s first new wireless earphone – Bullet wireless.


  • Light weight magnetic wireless earphone
  • Wireless Bullet Supports fast charging as well. OnePlus claims that 10 mins of charge will give 5 hours of playback time.
  • Oneplus addes energy tube for clearer reproduction and noise reduction
  •  We can  lock the wireless bullet just by attaching both earphones together (Magnets make them to stick together) and vice versa
  • Once the earphones are detached, music will drone çekimleri resume from where it stops
  • Users can anwser call just by detaching the earphones
  • Supports Google assisstant

Price and Release date:

Oneplus revelaed the bullet wireless earlier and it will kurumsal tanıtım filmi be available at Rs. 3990 in India and at the launch event the company announced that the device will be available in late june. Now the company has officially drone çekimiannounced the release date in India

It is 19 June, 2018 and you can order the it in Oneplus official site.