Oneplus 6T with In-display fingerprint scanner and wireless bullets V2 confirmed

Oneplus 6T

So many leaks and rumors are coming around Oneplus 6T. Finally we’ve got official words from the company itself about the oneplus 6T. In a meet with CNET, Oneplus spokesman revealed that Oneplus 6T is official and it’ll have a new feature called “SCREEN UNLOCK“. Which is In-Display finger print scanner feature which we have seen in latest Vivo devices and Mi 8.

“We unlock our phones multiple times a day, and Screen Unlock reduces the number of steps to complete the action. By adding this feature as an addition to other display unlocking options such as Face Unlock, users will have options to unlock the display in a way that is most efficient for them,” OnePlus told CNET in an email.

Release date and price

We’ve got rumours that oneplus 6 may launch in  October with price starting at Rs.37,999. Except the Screen unlock feature we do not have any official words from the company, but the latest leaks shows that oneplus 6T will have Essential phone like water drop, thin bezel and triple camera setup.

Leaked Oneplus 6T with water drop notch and triple camera setup

Historically, the T variant of oneplus has only minimal upgrades but looks like 6T will have major upgrades than 6 right from design and features.

Wireless Bullets V2

When OnePlus announces the OnePlus 6T next month,  Wireless bullets V2 headphones is also likely to be unveiled. An updated new wireless earphone model has hit the FCC and here is what ir looks like.

In the FCC docs the label of this model has the name “OnePlus Bullets Wireless,” with the above picture. The model number of this device is BT32B whereas the original Bullets Wireless were BT31B.

From the image we see that the headphones to sport the same dog-collar design as the original.

When users are still waiting indefinitely to get wireless bullets which was out of stock at all the time, we are not sure whether the company will make this updated version available to all the users. Stay with us to get the latest updates.