Apple copies this feature from Android and it’s not the first time


Apple has been the fore-runner in smartphones especially in innovation. Right from Introducing touch screen smartphones, introducing finger print scanner and the Face ID, Apple is the first to introduce these features in the market. Later Android smartphone manufacturers adopted the same to their flagship devices. However Not all android manufactures only copies the features, Some leading manufacturers comes with their own innovation.

  • Samsung’s extra screen concept in it’s S6 edge which became more popular in it’s successor Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
  • LG’s dual screen introduction in it’s V series which made the way for Always on display.
  • Apple’s Dual camera concept in it’s iPhone 7 series.
  • OnePlus’s addition of portrait mode as the secondary camera
  • Pixel’s low light camera and portrait mode in the same camera
  • Samsung’s retina scanner

What Apple copied?

The front top notch feature of iPhone X is a huge hit and now most of the leading manufacturer’s adopt tbis feature in their smartphones. Here’s the list.

But you know what, Apple isn’t the first to introduce notch feature. Yes, you read right. Both of the features are introduced in the same smart phone Essential Phone PH-1. Essential Phone PH-1 is the first to introduce 18:9 full screen display and the small circular top notch. Andy Rubin, co founder of Android released Essential phone PH-1 in April 2018. Whereas Apple releases it’s iPhone X in November 2017. Of Course notch became famous in most of the countries after Apple’s iPhone X.

Now Sources reveal that Apple is working on triple camera. Huewei is the first to introduce triple camera in smartpbone market in it’s recent flagship P20 pro.

Huawei P20 Pro comes with triple rear camera set up –  40 MP (f/1.8 , 1/1.7″, OIS) , 20 MP (f/1.6) + 8 MP (f/2.4).


As per the sources , Apple is working pn a new iPhone with triple-lens rear camera and it is likely to launch in the second half of next year. As oer the report, the thirs camera may enable up to 5x zoom. Sadly we do not have any other updates now for the same. Let’s wait and see what feature Apple comes up with the third camera.

Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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