India’s first online retail store for Refurbished mobiles is ready

Flipkart is all set to launch India’s first online retail store for refurbished phones. This is the first big step from the company after Walmart takes over Flipkart. This retail store is none other than eBay India. If you are not aware, Flipkart bought ebay for $1.4 billion in April 2017.


E-commerce website are boost to the Indian economy where the market is filled with mainly two big boys amazon and flipkart in India. There came a shocking move from flipkart india to shutdown the eBay India on August 14, 2018.

Flipkart have confirmed it will open a new place for the refurbished products.
We aren’t sure of the whole idea behind the shutdown of eBay. But as per the sources, eBay will be the flipkart’s refurbished products retail store.


To dominate the worlds biggest consumer market both of the companies are in mood of acquiring al other small boys.
Amazon being the worlds biggest e-commerce site gets its funding from foreign to easily dominate Indian market.

Whereas flipkart’s big stake is bought by Walmart to catch on amazon in the every possible way. Flipkart also acquired Myntra, Jabong, eBay India in a very short sphere.
The good things is, the fight for the market place let the benefits directly to the consumers. Which is a welcome move for one and all.


To take on amazon, Walmart has bought flipkart for $16 billion deal which is one of the worlds largest e-commerce deal.

Refurbished phones:

Refurbished mobiles are actually new mobiles that customers return for any minor faults. The conpany will fix the minor issues and will resalte it as the refurnished mobiles.

In forign countries, Refurbished phones are actually preferred by the users. Price and offers is also one of the reason. But in India, users haven’t preferred refurbished mobile. There were few products listed in Amazon and almost all the products got very bad reviews from the users. So it is interesting that flipkart decided to take this challenge. If all goes good, we may actually get good deals for the top end phones.

Does Refurbished phones have warranty:

Yes, The Refurbished phones have 6 months of manufacturer warranty. But we have to make sure that the seller is the brand’s authorized reseller. Also the price of the device will be atleast 20% less than the actual price.

Things to consider before buing Refurbished mobiles:

  • Refurbished mobiles are not fake or faulty product. They are actually the new phones with minor issues. Company fixes it and sells it with manufacturer warranty.
  • As said earlier, you should verify the seller before purchasing. There are many fake sellers selling faulty or used or even stolen products which may not have the actual warranty .
  • If flipkart introduces the “Flipkart verified” badge to refurbished phones and sellers, you can go for it. As flipkart have their own tests, terms and conditions. And we have return policy as well.
  • Refurbished phones will get good deals and offers often. So wait for the better deals.
  • Most of the manufacturers have thwir own app and on registering it , you can find how old the device is and the actual warranty details. So you can cross verify the same, if you are not able to find tbe relevant details you can check with the nearby authorized service centre as well by providing your device’s IMEI number. They will definitely help you with the details.