Huawei’s new fast charging technology beats Oneplus’ dash charging

Fast charging:

Gone are those days where a smartphone needs 3 hours of charging to charge 100 percenr of battery. Fast charging is one of the greatest feature in Android which is missing in iPhone. Oneplus’ dash charging technology is the fastest one in present. This Dash charging technology uses 10V/3A fast charging adapter which is higher than tha stand fast charging 2.0’s 10V/2A.

Recently Oppo launched its most ambitious project – Oppo find X. The premium version of the smartphone which is Lamborghini Edition of Oppo find X has Oppo’s latest super VOOC fast charging techonology which beats oneplus’ dash charging. VOOC fast charging technology need only 35 minutes to fully charge a battery of 3750 mAh. But this technology comes at a price. The normal edition of Oppo X doesn’t adopt this feature.

Huewei’s Fast charging technology:

Huewei’s Fast charging technology gets certified recently. This technology says to have the similar speed of Super VOCC charging tech. Huewei uses 10V/4A charging adopter to beat Oneplus dash charging tech.

The Huawei Power adapter  that comes with model number HW-100400C00 and has a 10V/4A recharge adopter passed the 3C certification. In this feature, the maximum charging power will go as high as 40W which will break the ceiling of the 22W fast charge present in the Huawei P20 pro.

Back in 2016, Huawei launched the Honor Magic back with 5V/8A fast charging tech that claimed to full charge in just 45 minutes. Huawei beats it’s own tech with this new Huawei Super Charge technology, which reduces the charging time to just 30 minutes.

Huewei dint use its Honor Magic back technology in it’s latest flagship P2p pro. So we are notnsure whether Huewei will make use of it’s Super Charge technology in it’s upcoming smartphone Huewei Mate 20 which is rumoured to be launched in October 2018.

The new Huawei’s Super Charge. definitely beats Dash charging and competing against the likes  VOOC in terms of speed and efficiency. But unlike Oppo if Huawei make this as affordable, then the company may really see some success.

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Source: XDADev