How to find if your Facebook data is leaked

Tough times for Facebook:


Facebook has been in the front page for quite some. time because of the data leak of 87 million FB users includes 5.67 Lakhs of Indian users.Here we’ll see if you are a victim of the recent data leak

In the recent press meet, Zuckerberg has accepted the blame. He feels that still he is the right person to head the company.

“When someone is building anything like Facebook, which has been first of its kind, things like this will happen and we have to learn from the mistake”. – he added.

Zuckerberg  in the recent interview said that there are no quick fixes yet for the data leak issues. 

Mark Zukcerberg is likely to testify before congress on April 10th and 11th for this issue

If you want to download your data from facebook, please check here which has the step by step process to do the same.

How to find:

When you login to facebook, you’ll either get ang of the below two messages.

The one in the left side indicates that you aren’t a victim.

If you get the message  that is at the right side which says as below.

“We have banned the website ‘This is Your Digital Life,’ which one of your friends used Facebook to log into,” the message for affected individuals reads. “We did this because the website may have misused some of your Facebook information by sharing it with a company called Cambridge Analytica.”

Then you might be a victim of the data breach. You’ll also see a button under the message. Click on in it to get more information about it.

When your privacy is a concern, you have to take your own measures as discussed here  to protect it.


Well as we discussed here, there is a good chance that the victims may get some compensation.

One lawyer has claimed that the victim of the data breach could be eligible for receiving a huge amount of cash.  Maureen Mapp a law professor had said Facebook could be fined a hefty sum of 880 billion USD.

According to the users data harvested to influence the users and cause damages which could entitle for a huge amount in cash.

There’s almost 5 million users data is being harvested as per recent data. When we calculate with it each individual may be given 17,500 USD as damages.

One data protection lawyer, has estimated that actual amount would be lot less than $17,500 

“I think it will be much more realistic around $700 per user, the compensation will depend on the level of distress suffered but Facebook could be facing around $700 USD, to every user whose personal data are compromised.

But its not sure how hard Facebook can comeback and regain trust.  Will adding money to our bank balance, which mostly will go as a rumour help?

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