Facebook unsent Zuckerberg’s Messages- So can you.

After Facebook acquired Whatsapp, the app has got several new features like “Blue tick”, “Live location sharing”,”unsend”, “payment”. As per the report, Facebook messenger is also getting “unsend” feature.


The announcement has come just after the controversy raised on disappearing Mark Zuckerberg’s messages.


TechCrunch reports that the company has wiped out Mark’s messages from the recipients’ inboxes.

Facebook in it’s statement says the company had made number of changes to protect it’s executives after Sony’s email were hacked in 2014. One among them is limiting the rention period of Zuckerberg’s messages.

But, Company hasn’t noticed Public or any of the recipients about wiping it’s CEO’s messages.


Company names this feature as  “UNSEND” feature. The company’s spokesperson also apologised for not making this feature available at an earlier date.

This means, User will have the option to schedule the message in Facebook Messanger. The messages will disappear from the recipients conversation as well after the scheduled time.

But this feature isn’t avaible for all the facebook users yet. If you delete a message in messanger manually, it’ll be still available in the recipient inbox.

The spokesman added that the feature will be available to the public sooner. he added that  they’ll not delete any of their executive’s messages till the feature is available to all the users.

Facebook is really facing tough times now after the data breach. Reports says that the company may have to pay users for the same. Now the new contreversy on Mark’s messages added fuel.

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