A bug in Samsung phones sends random pictures to owner’s contacts

Samsung in Trouble once again:

Samsung phones is in front page of the news again. If you are using samsung Smartphones and Samsung message app as default app, then You must read this article.

What happened

Many Samsung users reported that some devices are randomly sending your camera roll photos to your contacts without permission. This is first spotted by Android Central and later covered by Gizmodo.

Users complained about the issue on Reddit and also on the company’s official forums. One of the user updated as his phone has sent all his photos to his girlfriend and he is not even aware of it till his girlfriend informed him. All the photos are being sent through Samsung’s default texting app Samsung Messages. Worst part is the app doesn’t even show the users that files have been sent also they are not aware that what Pornoschatz.com photos have been sent. Deutsche Gratis Porno Users get to know of this only after the recipients reached them.


According to reports, a bug in Samsung Galaxy So and S9 plus which causes this issue.

The Verge contacted Samsung officials on this and one of the spokesperson tells that it’s “aware of the reports and its technical teams are looking into it.”

So far only Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users have reported this bug in the samsung official forum. But again Deutsche MILF Gratis Porno this may not be the only ones affected with the bug. Samsung requested users to call the company directly who have experienced this issue.

The issue has been reported only in US and most on T-mobile carrier. When asked, T-Mobile spokesperson told The Verge to “check in with Samsung on this, it’s not a T-Mobile issue.”

What you can do now:

As of now, Till we gwt any update from the company, Samsung owners can revoke Samsung Message’s permissions to access storage. They can disable Samsung message app and instead they can use any third party apps or even Android messages as the default.