Wifi-speed mode to priortize speed in MIUI 10

Wifi-speed mode to prioritize speed in MIUI 10:

MIUI ( MI User interface) OS, pronounced as Me YU I is  one of the famous Operating system runs on Xiaomi mobiles. It was developed based on Google’s Android platform. As it was developed above Android it provides the native Android OS a various customization’s according to the user needs.  Mi to provide justifications to its price and to be in the no 1 spot in the mid-range sector not only Madult.net concentrates on hardware but also gives equal important to software as well.

That’s what makes MIUI a very popular among the Mi fans.

MIUI have recently released the MIUI 9.5 stable release which mainly focuses on stability and have added few useful features buried deep inside the operating system.

Lets have a look at one such feature which Mi have added escort istanbul in tis recent release. There will be lot of beneficial add-on features to the latest version of MIUI.


                  Wifi speed mode allows user to prioritize speed according to the apps. AN addon feature will enable the wifi speed mode in MIUI 10. Wifi speed mode is really handy when using our device. When we are downloading any stuff via mobile data/wifi , its istanbul escorts primary focus will be on the downloading first,which technically means we can’t change our primary preference. Now MIUI addon feature gives a solution for that just by a click.

How to enable WIFI speed mode:

  • Open à Settings
  • Goto à WIFI
  • Advanced settings

  • Now tap on WIFI speed mode.
  • Tap on the toggle to enable it.

Please refer the below screenshots,

Under the advanced options we can see Regular mode and Extreme mode.


               The regular mode will allow the total bandwidth of your WIFI connection will be shared between background process and app on foreground.


         By selecting extreme mode, you can provide most of the bandwidth to the app in foreground. THE foreground apps are the apps currently we use will get more connectivity and speed. Background process will have lower or minimum connection speed compared to foreground applications.

Once can select according to their preference and enjoy.

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