Whatsapp is now available for Jio Phone, how to download it?

Whatsapp for Jiophone is now available, here’s a quick guide how to get it?
For those who not so comfortable on a smartphone and hesitate to invest on a 4G smartphone,Jio came with a option Jio phone. The Jio phone even a feature phone comes out with almost all features of a smartphone.From online tv , to live music everything.But users where left out when whatsapp isn’t supported in it.And rumors often came stating whatsapp is coming to Jio phone.

Jio phone is feature phone which is a mere replacement of smartphone running on a KaiOS. It is very
popular on Ios, Android OS and windows where it was not present in kaiOS till now.

Change is a constant way to grow and with increasing number of subscribers to Jio phone. Whatsapp today  released Whatsapp for kaiOS. This make the Jio phone users can use the same whatsapp as of Android/Ios users.

Whatsapp for jiophone haven’t compromised anything. Importantly still chats in whatsapp are end to end encrypted.Users can able to exchange media, make both audio and video calls and group features as well.

Jio in its recent agm meeting have announced the Jio phone2 with qwerty key board and adding more features than later at a nail biting price.

How to Download Whatspp in Jio phone:

Whastapp is already availabe in the Jio phone Appstore today. All one have to do is go to  and download the application.
The app works on both Jio phone and Jio phone 2. To know more about Jiophone 2 click here