Unofficial TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+ is available now


If you are not aware of TWRP,  Before installing tanıtım videosu custom ROMs or doing any modifications in kernels, Users need to take backups if in case things are messed up. That’s where TWRP comes in to the picture. TWRP is a famous custom recovery method through which you can take backup of the tanıtım filmi çekimi complete device. If anything messed up later, you can recover all the data back. Unofficial TWRP tanıtım filmi for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is available now.

Please note that custom recovery will not work on US models as their bootloaders can’t be unlocked.

If you are looking for TWRP recovery you probably already knew that this will trip to 0x1 from Knox and this will void the phone’s warranty. Credits to XDA Dev team to provide this link

Please download the unofficial releases from the links below for Galaxy S9 and S9+.

For Snapdragon chipsets:

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9 (download)
TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (download)

For Exynos Chipsets:

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9 (Download)
TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Download)

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