Use YouTube Vanced to overcome annoying ads- No Root Required


Every tutorial irrespective of the complexity will be available in Youtube. Cooking tips or Gadget reviews, Natural farming guides or Chemail composition details, everything will be available in Youtube. But one of the annoying thing is Ads in YouTube. Most of the videos will have ads which we cant even skip then. If a video is lengthy then there may be ads for every 5 mins.

Well now we can overcome this annoying ad and still enjoy the complete features of Youtube.

YouTube Vanced:

YouTube vanced is the modded version of Youtube. This version provides more features than the actual YouTube like adblocking and background playback and much.

To make it simple to understand, This is the same YouTube application of a different version. You can do everything whatever you are doing in Youtube. Vanced youtube will look simikar to youtube ad below.


How to :

Since this is modded version you will not find this app in Google play store. You have to download the apk and install it in your smartphone. This doesn’t not require root access and the device doesn’t needed to be rooted. Lets check how to do it. Before proceeding, Please make sure you already enabled external apk installation. (Settings->Security settings->Unknown sources).

Download APK:

YouTube Vanced available in different themes. You can choose as per your preference. To download the APK go to Vanced official page and scroll to bottom to Non-Root download section. You can see the different themes options as seen below,Just click on the preferred theme. The apk will begin to download. Once downloaded , just install it to enjoy the All new Youtube experience.

Download Micro G:

YouTube needs Google packages to login to your google account in YouTube application. But since this modded version has different package name you have to install extra MicroG package, to log-in in the applicstion using your google account.

To download the MicroG packahe go to Vanced official page and scroll to bottom to MicroG download section. Just click on the latest version link and install the application. Once installed you’ll be able to see the login option as below.

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