This app which everyone use eats lot of your memory and you never know

In this mobile world, laptop and desktop became out of trend, smartphones almost replaced personal laptops. Users rely on smartphone now rather than desktop for their personal activities. These activities includes surfing, watching movie or live show, chatting, shopping extra.

Storage issue:

But one of the main issue which smartphone users face everyday is their device storage. Mid range or low range smartphones provide less internal memory whic is upto 16GB. Out of that only 12-14 GB will be usable.

  1. Users have their favourite songs, movies or TV shows n their smartphones.
  2. Apart from this they have offline downloaded videos or movies from apps like youtube, hotstar or Amazon prime.
  3. User have thier preferred apps as well.

Often users have to delete their favourite movies or videos to free up the space. But we have one culprit which sits on your mobile and silently eating your storage space. You never know it and none of the storage cleaners will tell you this.

Black sheep:

All the browsers will have cache and any web applications like Facbook or instagram also will have thier cache wihich will fill up our storage. If you use any apps that will show ads, all the ads will be downloaded to our local storage first before visible to us. This includes video ad , which again occupies more meory than normal ads.  All these ads and cache can be deleted by any of the third party apps. So we do recommend to use memory cleaner apps if you don’t have an inbuilt one.

But we do have one black sheep with us which no cleaner apps will show. One of the most downloaded app in the play store is the culprit here. It is “Whatsapp“. Would you believe it?  Obviously it does it’s job, but we do not know the consequences.

If you don’t believe , just open the file manager and click on Whatsapp folder and check the memory usage. I was shocked to see mine too. Even after deleting all the videos and images in my filemanger, the app still uses ~1.7 GB of space. which is 10% of 16 GB memory.

When checked further we noticed few areas to understand why this app is using this much memory.

  1. Do you take regular backup of your whatsapp chat conversations.
  2. Does this backup includes media.

Then join the club. This backups are stored under Databases folder in whatsapp . Old backups will be still there and you will not know about it. Since memory cleaners will think this as our personal files and will not highlight this.I had 7 backups, each one is of ~130 MB. We just need the latest backup and all others are bogus data and you can go and delete them right away.

Whatsapp will store all the files which you are forwarding to your contacts in the Sent folder. This includes images,videos, music files or documents. Most of the filemanger will not show these files and memory cleaner will definitly won’t show it. So we have to do it manually again. All these files will be under WhatsApp/Media/XXX/sent (screenshot below).










We hope this will be helpful for you esecially when you are also facing the storage issue. Share this with your friends who has the same issue.Stay connected with us to get the latest tech and gadget updates.

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