How to enable Dolby Atmos in All Android Smartphones without rooting

What is Dolby Atmos

Today let us see how to enable Dolby Atmos in android Smartphones. Before let us see what is Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Atmos is the next generation of surround sound for the movie and music. Stereo feature uses two speakers to produce two channels of sound and the surrounding sound systems increase this to five or seven channels as per the configuration. But Dolby Atmos removes the concept of channels entirely instead allowing sound to envelope the viewer in a sphere of audio.

Within this sphere, individual sounds can be made louder or softer, can be moved around and made to appear from anywhere in the room or cinema theatre. In Short, now you can customize the Audio as per your preferences.

Dolby Atmos For Android Smartphones?

Yes, Dolby atmos is available for Android Smartphones as well. Lenovo is the first to Enable this feature in its Lenovo A7000. Later Many devices adopt this feature and many doesn’t. But we ourselves can enable this feature in all Android smartphone.

How to

Follow this simple guide to enable Dolby atmos in your Android Smartphones.

  • Install Google Play music from Play store. Ignore this of already installed. Please note that As of now Dolby Atmos will work only on Google Play music. Not even on Amazon music or Spotify premium. These apps may adopt this feature sooner.
  • Now tap on the three lines on the left top corner of the Google play Music App. Click on Settings -> Equalizer and disable default equalizer
Disable Equalizer in Settings
  • Download and install the Dolby Atmos APK on your Android Smartphone. But do not open the App.
  • Reboot your device once you installed the app
  • Now open the Google play Music again and again tap on the three lines on the left top corner of the Google play Music App. Click on Settings -> Equalizer. You will see Dolby Atmos options there like below. Enable the Dolby atmos check box.

Now you can configure the equalizer as per your preference. You can configure the bass boost as well. Now try playing music from the app. You will really feel the difference. You can check the differences by disabling and enabling Dolby digital plus from the Google Play settings page.