How to enable 720p 1080p resolution in Youtube

How to enable 720p 1080p resolution in Youtube

All the OTT Players along with Youtube came handy to save us during the lockdown over the world. But every free thing comes with a catch, like YouTube with annoying Ads, blocking high definition videos to reduce strain in network.

Currently we can able to tweak the settings and watch videos only in Vanced Youtube.
You can download the Vanced YouTube here.  Vanced Youtube helps to get rid of annoying ads and few comes with few extra tweaks.
As the government has capped the maximum video quality to be 480P to reduce the strain in the network, currenlty one can download and view the HD vidoes in Vanced youtube.
How to enable high definition in Vanced Youtube:

But Vanced Youtube users can play videos at 1080P by tweaking your settings,

1) Go to Setting –> Vanced Settings

2) Tap –”about” a few times till it says” hidden menu enabled”

3) Now you’ll see Codec override as the first option . Tap on it

4) override the below details

Override Manufacturer: Samsung

Override model: SM-T510

Vanced HD request


Now you should be able to play at 1080p, be on Wifi or Mobile data