How to view Amazon Prime videos in Mi Box, MI TV or any smart TV

Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon prime video is the all in one place which has all regional/international movies  and serials . Now Amazon introdced amazon music as well. We can use same account for 1 day free shipping, Amazon prime video and music. this is one of the cheap and best options compared with its competitors like Netflix or hotstar.

But we do have a catch here. We cannot install Amazon prime Düğün fotoğrafçısı video in Mi Box , Mi TV or in any smart TVs. we have to purchase amazon prme stick to view Prime videos. This is again a pain for us and amazon is very clever in this. But we hae a trick here, We’ll see how to view amazon prime Düğün organizasyon videos without Amazon prime fire stick.

How to:

If you managed to install amazon prime app in your smart tv, well sorry to say that is not needed. Amazon is very clever and though you install the app, you cannot view any videos.  Before movin further , please uninstall amazon prime video app as the first step.

  • Remove Amazon Prime video app if you installed it already.
  • Install and open Chrome browser in your smart tv/ Mi Box.If you already have make sure that it is the latest version of chrome.
  • Go to
  • Log in with your amazon prime account credentials
  • Select any of the movies which you want to play. Here for example, I’ve selected baby driver.

  • Now If you click Play button, It’ll open the app by default. That is why we have asked to remove the app at the first step.
  • Before clicking the play button, go to chrome settings and select Desktop site check box. This is the simple trick which we gonna use now. (refer below screenshot)

  • Now you’ll see the desktop version of the website. click play and tadaa. Your video will start play.
  • Use bluetooth mouse to use chrome easily.
  • If you are using Mi TV you can use Mi TV remote mobile app to control the video easily. You can use third party remote apps for any other smart TVs.

Mobile Mode:

Desktop Mode:


Lets see a 1 min video tutorial on this. Hwre we are using bluetooth mouse in chrome.


Now you do not want a fire stick to view Amazon prime videos in your Smart TV. Be connected Stay with us to get latest updates on Tech an Gadgets.

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  1. Amazon Prime Video working on Mi Box 3 running Oreo OTA Update

    I just got the Oreo update on my Mi Box 3 today, so I decided to try get Amazon Prime Video working again. It was a success. Prime videos pay in 1080p with sound. I don’t have the Mi Box connected to my 4K TV, so I am not able to test it for 4K. Using Amazon Prime Video for Android TV version 4.7.9.

    The Amazon Prime Video for Android TV in the Google Play store still does not list as compatible. But the sideloaded app installed without any issues.
    Search Google for “4.7.9-googleplay-armv7a” and the APK is easily found.

    If the link makes the post. I located the APK here:…layarmv7a_apk/

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