How to unlock Bootloader and root Oneplus 6T

Oneplus recently launched a enhanced version of Oneplus 6. Water notch diplay with in-display finger print sensor are the few top additions in Oneplus 6T.  Since the company officially released the kernal source of Oneplus 6T, it becomes easy to root the device. This is one of the key advantages of Oneplus which provides support to install custom recovery and root the device. Now let us see how to unlock bootloader and root Oneplus 6T.

Note: If your device is T-mobile locked,  you need to get your code to unlock your bootloder. Please follow this process to root the Oneplus 6T bought through T-mobile

Caution: Before proceeding, make sure that you’ve taken the complete back up of your device incuding media and contacts.


  • Backup your data as this process will wipe out all your data.
  • Make sure your battery is more than 65%
  • Remove any lock screen security set up like finger print authorization or pass code.
  • Install ADB and fastboot in your PC ( Here is the simple guide to install ADB and fastboot)
  • Download the TWRP recovery file in your PC and move it the same folder where you’ve downloaded ADB and fastboot files
  • You need to download both the zip and the image files.
  • Rename the downloaded file to twrp.img and for faster access
  • Download Magisk and keep it handy

Unlocking bootloader

We must unlock the bootloader first to proceed further.

  • Open settings in your device
  • click the About phone Options, In Android O its hidden under system options
  • click on build number options 5-7 times to enable developer mode- You will get a message its enabled.
  • Now in main settings screen we can see Developer options.

  • Click on Developer Options and enable USB Debugging mode and OEM unlocking options.

Now we have to boot your device into Fastboost. To do so

  1. Switch off your device
  2. Press and hold the Power up and volume downbutton together for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Your phone will start boot into recovery mode .
  4. Select “English”  as your language , choose “Advanced” in the next screen and select “Reboot to Fastboot”  in your next screen.

Your Phone will be in Fastboot mode. Now for the remaining steps you need your PC with adb and fastboot installed as mentioned earlier.

  • Connect your device to your PC with the standard USB cable
  • Go to the folder where Fast boot is installed.
  • Now press SHIFT key and right-click on an empty space inside the folder and Select ‘Open PowerShell window here’ from the right click menu that appears. If your PC running on windows 10 the option will “Open command window here”
  • A PowerShell window shall open on your PC.
  • Now execute the following command in the command prompt. This will display the devices that are connected to the PC
    fastboot devices
  • Then execute the below command in the command prompt to unlock your bootloader.
    fastboot oem unlock

  • Now type the below command in the prompt to reboot into bootloader
    fastboot reboot bootloader

Yay! Your bootloader is unlocked now. We’ll proceed to root Oneplus 6T.

Install TWRP and flash Magisk

Now we need to install the custom recovery.

  • Type the below command in the adb prompt.

fastboot boot twrp.img

  • Now your devie will boot into TWRP recovery.
  • Once booted ino TWRP recovery, go to Advanced -> ADB sideload and type the below command in the adb prompt

adb sideload

  • Once the process completes, open your device go to Reboot -> Reboot into Recovery in your twrp menu to reboot your device into TWRP recovery again
  • Now sideload the Magisk file agan in the same way. Once booted ino TWRP recovery,  go to Advanced -> ADB sideload and type the below command in the adb prompt

adb sideload

  • Once the process completes, open your device go to Reboot -> Reboot in yur twrp menu.

That is it! You’ve successfully rooted your device.

To confirm it, you can download and install Root Checker from Play Store and verify if your device is rooted by granting the SuperSU permission

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