How to turn your smartphone into Pixel 2 -Step by step process

Google Pixel:

There are several smartphones in the market but Google’s Pixel has it’s own fame for it’s camera, smooth OS and Android One smartphone. Now pixel users can update their smartphone to Android P BETA.

One of the key reason of Pixel’s success is it’s butter smooth UI and non customized pure android OS. So are you a fan of smooth Pixel’s UI. You can turn your phone’s UI to look like pixel including dialer, messages UI within a matter of time. Let’s see how.

How to:

Step 1: Install Pixel 2 launcher

There are several launchers available in the market. But we recommend to download and install the below customized , highly optimized and very simple pixel launcher. Click here to download and install.

Please make sure you checked “Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown sources”  under security settings in your smartphone.

After installing you can change your default launcher by just clicking on home button. You’ll see a prompt to select a launcher. Just select Pixel launcher and also select make this as default checkbox.

Step 2: Install Google messages

Your inbuilt message application can be annoying or nit as smooth as Google application. Fortunately Google allows any smartphones to install its Messaging app.
Download Android Messages – Play Store

To change Google messaging as your default messaging app, just open the message app and you’ll get a prompt to choose your default messaging app, choose Google message.

Step 3:  Install Google Dialler

Unfortunately Pixel’s stock dialler isn’t available in the play store. So you have to sideload this app. Just click on the below link and install the smooth and fast Pixel’s dialler app.

Click here to install Google Dialler. If you really like you default dialler, we’d recommend you to test this once :)

Step 4: Install GBoard

There are several keyboard apps available in the market. But most of them are not optimized and my consumer lot of your RAM. Google Keyboard is a smooth optimized keyboard app which Pixel has. Now google added a new feature in its Beta version which is you can create your own GIF image from your GBoard and share it to your friends.

Gboard is available in play store.Install and make it as your default keyboard.

Please note that one of the main advantages of google apps like Gboard, Google messages and dialler is you can save your default settings in yiur google account. Later if u switch to a new device or after hard resetting , you can easily load your settings back from google.

step 5: Install Pixel camera App

Other key feature of Pixel is its camera. Pixel camera allows the user to switch to portrait mode without having a dedicated or secondary camera for that. This camera app is not available in playstore. Please note that this camera app may not work for all smartphones. Click here for the download link and more details about the portrait mode.

Last step which most of the users wouod have already done is make chrome browser as a default one.

That is it. Your device just got a new better and smooth look.



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