How to take Oneplus 5 like portrait picture with your mobile

How to take Oneplus 5 like portrait picture with your mobile

Portrait camera of Oneplus 5 and 5T  is a huge hit. But still other smartphone manufacturer’s didn’t consider portrait camera as one of their option. Most of the dual camera phone’s provide wide angle camera as the secondary option which isn’t please customers. We’ll see here how to take portrait picture with your mobile.

It is not necessary that we need Onelplus 5 or dual camera to take the portrait picture. Google introduced portrait mode in it’s PIXEL which has only one camera. Google added the portrait mode in the PIXEL’s camera app.

Now, reports claim that any one can use this camera app to take the portrait picture. But it worked will only in the devices which is running on Android 8.0+ .

The App worked will in some of the other devices as well,but the reporters recommend to use the app in the devices that runs on Android 8.0+ to get the best results.

What is Portrait mode:

Few may not know on what is portrait mode and why it is famous now. Instead of explaining it in words, you can understand this in the below picture. Where the left one is taken in normal mode and right one is taken in portrait mode with lens blur option.

How to take Portrait picture in your smartphone:

Well, unfortunately we cannot add the portrait mode in your smartphone’s stock camera app. You have install Google’s Camera app which PIXEL has to your smartphone.

  1. Download the Google’s camera app GCam5 (Click on the link to download).
  2. Install the App in your device. Before installing, make sure that you have selected the “Allow installation of apps from Unknown sources” option in your smartphone under Security settings. (Please refer below screenshot). 
  3. Open the installed App and select the options which is on the left top. Select the Lens Blur mode in the options.
  4. Focus on the image and click on the centre button to capture the image. Then slightly tilt the screen towards up. (Keep the lower part of the phone steady and move up the upper part slowly). That’s it, you just captured the portrait picture.