How to send whatsapp messages without saving the number in smartphone

Whatsapp messaging have changed the traditional way of texting. Its has been keep improving useful features every now and then. Still one thing which whatsapp cant do is we can’t text anyone without saving the contact.
It may be a trick to avoid spams. Importantly it helps many, but each time you need to save a contact to send a msg.

About Whatsapp:

It’s a worlds most famous cross-platform messaging app and voice over IP owned by facebook. Its one of the most used messaging service in the world available for Android,Ios,windows. Besides that it’s getting more used for sharing contents,documents and media files. Latest addition is the whatsapp payments and whatsapp business to help businesses setup

Here we will see how to send a whatsapp message without saving any contact.

Below is the step by step process of sending messages without saving the number,
1) Open any of your browser and copy paste the link: in address bar
2) In the place of “number” replace the mobile number you want to send whatsapp message
3) Omit special symbols, any zeros when adding international numbers.
4) The number you are adding should have whatsapp account
5) click on “message” button
6) you will be taken to whatsapp app with a chat being open for the given number.

One can also create your own link with a prefilled message which will automatically appear in the text field of a whatsapp chat. in the link use full phone number in the place of “whatsappphonenumber”.
In the place of “urlencodetext” add your predefined message to appear.

These are the ways to send whatsapp messages without saving any number to contact list. To know more tips and tricks click here