How to Root Samsung S9 and S9+ and install TWRP

Here we’ll see the step by step process on how to root Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ by unlocking the bootlooder and install TWRP.

Alert: Please note that this will wipe the entire data in your phone and we recommened you to back up al the data including media and contacts.

Caution: If you do not know, please note that Rooting your phone will void your warranty. Do not worry if anything goes wrong you can always un-root your smartphone at anytime. So why to wait let’s explore.

Enable OEM unlock

Unlocking bootloader is quite simple and common for all Samsung snartphones. Please note that Bootloader cannot be unlocked for any Smartphones that comes with any carriers like Sprint, Verizon etc.

1) Go to Settings –> About Phone –> Software Information and tap on build number 7 to 10 times. This will make you as developer and developer options will be visible in your smartphone.

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2) Go to Settings –> Developer Options.  Enable OEM unlock option.

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That is it, Bootloader is ready to unlocked and now we’ll proceed to installing TWRP.

How to install TWRP

Before proceeding to install TWRP,

  1. Download and install the Odin flashing tool for Samsung Galaxy devices  in your PC (Download)
  2. Download and install Samsung USB Drivers in your pc.
  3. Finally, Download and install DM-Verity and force emcrytion disabler in your PC.

Once you installed the ODIN and drivers, download the TWRP pack in your PC according to your device from the below link.

For Snapdragon chipsets:

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9 (download)
TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (download)

For Exynos Chipsets:

TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9 (Download)
TWRP for Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Download)

Lets proceed to install TWRP now

1) Turn off your device

2) Now press and hold VOLUME DOWN + BIXBY + POWER buttons at the same for approx. 10-15 seconds.

3) You will see a warning message in the pop up. Now, you need to press VOLUME UP button and this will take you to the Download Mode.

4) Now Open ODIN in PC/Laptop and the  connect to your Device to the PC/Laptop.

5) As soon as you connectwd your device, you will see the flash message as conencted in the ODIN message box.

6) Click on AP in the Odin tool (As Highlighted in the above image) and select the TWRP file which was downloaded earlier

7) Now press and hold the VOLUME UP + BIXBY + POWER buttons  at the same time and click on Start in Odin tool as shown below. This will start flashing process. Keep holding all the three buttons till the flashing is completed.

In case if it stopped in between or if you released the buttons by mistake, Please click on Reset button which is next to the Start button and Restart the step 7.

If everything goes right, your device will boot into TWRP and you will see the below screen.

8) Now boot into recovery mode. To do so, Turn off your device. Then press and hold VOLUME UP + BIXBY + POWER buttons at the same for approx. 10-15 seconds.

3) Select Wipe -> Format Data and swipe the bottom slider in the next screen to allow modifications. Type yes and press enter in the last screen. This will format your data in your phone.

9) Now copy the downloaded TWRP file to your smartphone via USB .

9) Go back to the main menu and select Reboot > Recovery. This will reboot your phone back into recovery mode.

9) Now Select Install from TWRP, then browse and select the downloaded or copied TWRP file and click Install image.

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10) Now Swipe to the right to confirm flash. Once flashed, select the Reboot System option (Refer above image).

That is it. Now your phone is ready with TWRP.

How to Root:

There are many rooting tools available like SuperSU, Magisk, One Click root, etc. to make our job easy. But since Magisk isn’t supporting Samsung S9 amd S9+ yet, We’ll proceed with SuperSU.

Before proceeding please download the below file in your device or download in in your PC/ Laptop and copy to your unternal storage of your device.

 N965F_root_OEM_issue_devices (Click to download)

Once you downloaded the above file, Lets proceed to root your Samsung S9.

1) Now boot into recovery mode. To do so, Turn off your device. Then press and hold VOLUME UP + BIXBY + POWER buttons at the same for approx. 10-15 seconds.

3) Select Install in the TWRP option, browse and select the downloaded file and swipe right to flash. 

4) You may ger few questions on the Screen, Just select yes for all of them. Once flashed, Reboot your device.

5)  Now you’ll be able to see SuperSU installed on your device which your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus is rooted perfectly.

To confirm it, you can download and install Root Checker from Play Store and verify if your device is rooted by granting the SuperSU permission.

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How to Unroot

If you decide to unroot your samsung S9/S9+, you can do it anytine. Check here to see the step by step process on how to un-root your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

That is it, We’ve unlocked your bootloader, installed TWRP and rooted your device. You re all set to explore the custom ROMS in your S9/S9+.

Let us know in comments if you have any doubts or if you are stuck.


Credits to The Leaker