how to record your screen in iPhone without Jailbreaking

How to record your screen in iPhone:

Being an IPhone user you might have worried about missing some small tweaks and tricks that might be present in your friends’ android smartphones. Now lets see one such trick which is there in Android for some time now and which came to apple recently. You do not have to jailbreak for this. Let’s see how to record your screen in iPhone without jailbreaking.

This feature may be helpful in many number of ways and you do not need a special software to do sl.
IOS versions earlier than 11.3 doesn’t have this handy feature. So if you want to enjoy the feature you have to update your IOS to your latest version.
If your OS is 11.3 or above then you add this feature to your control centre. Let’s see how to do it.

How to :

As said earlier, you do want to install third party app for this feature. This is added iOS 11.3. To add this feature in your control centre

click on the  —> Settings  —> Control centre —> Customise controls.
From there if you click on the green colour +symbol near SCREEN RECORDING(as below). It will get added to your control centre. If you scroll up from the bottom then you can see the Screen recording options. Clicking on it will records what’s going on your screen with sound.

How to record your own screen in Android:

Whereas if you are a android user it’s very easy. It’s been handled by a lot approved third party apps. All you have to do is just install them and run them whenever you want to record your screen. Below are the few top rated android apps for your reference.

  • DU Recorder
  • AZ screen recorder
  • Mobizen screen Recorder

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