How to Play YouTube videos in the background in IPhone:

How to Play YouTube videos in the background in IPhone:

This little workaround helps you to enjoy your favorite audio from YouTube even when you are using different app or screen is locked.
YouTube is one of the richest video platform among the world with n number of videos of all variety. We can enjoy the videos only when the app is open, the moment you click on the home button everything will be paused. Either you have to keep your app open which is annoying for two reasons. Your battery will be drained soon, accidental touches was also become unavoidable.

This can be done in two ways:

YouTube Premium:

1) An official way where you can become a premium member by paying 11.99$ a month or 17.99$ for a family membership. This allows you to run the app in background, your music won’t be paused when you click on the home button and open other apps.
Once you become a premium customer you can also download all videos for offline viewing as well. This also helps you by removing the annoying adverts. There is a three-month free train available as well.
These paid service is not available in India as of now but once can expect it to be rolled out anytime soon in India.

Other Workaround ways:

Try opening YouTube in any third-party browser, other than safari browser. There are a lot of third-party browsers available. Open YouTube in any browser and once you minimize the audio will be kept playing. We tried in Opera Mini and it worked good.