How to play Xbox Games in Windows PC

No wonder everybody loves to play Xbox, but not all are affordable to buy an Xbox. But its not going to stop anyone from playing Xbox. You may wonder how? Xbox emulator software will allow you to enjoy Xbox experience on a windows PC.Yea there are emulator software’s which allows one to play Xbox games in your windows PC. Let’s see the top 5 Xbox emulators available for Windows PC.

What is an emulator:

Emulators are virtual programs that are used for creating a different OS environment over native OS of device. Xbox emulators create an Xbox environment for running all games on a windows PC.
Whereas simulators also develop similar OS environment, but do not create a copy of hardware as emulators do. Due to this limitation simulator fail to run some apps.

Advantages of an Xbox emulator:

Xbox emulator is a software to give you an Xbox user experience on a PC. The emulator software’s can handle all the files that are written for the Xbox. So it’s pretty well one can play all the games depending on the hardware your PC is built in.
The main advantages are

• Xbox user experience on a PC
• Free of cost
• Lag free experience
• Audio effects
One can’t be sure of a lag free experience as Xbox is a powerful console. To run the files of it, play games one need a better configured pc. Once you an excellent configured PC then one can expect a lag free experience. Even though many say their software provides lag free experience.
Let’s see the top 5 Xbox emulators for Windows 10,8 & 7:


Its one of the best emulator available for PC. Its very simple and straightforward to install and use it. It’s a powerful emulator which converts all Xbox games into the executable files so one can enjoy lag free without any virtual environment.
Its supports only 5 games which are Smashing drive, Battle cry, Whacked, Futurama and Turol.
It comes with an inbuilkt Xbox Executable Viewer to manager and view the games files
Limited games
Uses More resources.

Download link: CXBX Emulator



XEON emulator is another top rated emulator. Its capable of running both Xbox and Xbox 360 games. The emulator is very stable and give a lag free experience. Its supports many games.
This Emulator comes with a backup creator which saves progress of gaming. Even though there are no recent updates this emulator runs very well on a windows PC.
Compatible with Windows and MS-Dos
Back up creator- to save progress of game
Instruction Guide-Helps how to emulate games on it
No more upgrades from developer.
Only capable of emulating the NTSC version of halo.

Download link: Xeon Emulator


3) XENIA Emulator:

Xenia emulator is one of the top emulator supporting more than 40-50 Xbox and Xbox one games.
This emulator can be little lagging at time but with vast list of supporting games, this need to be in top 5. This emulator is still being supported by the developer that helps to solve known bugs and improve performance.

Supports multiple games
Continuous developer support

Would be lagging a little comparing to other Emulators.

Download link: Xenia Emulator



This is an upgraded version of CXBX emulator. DXBX runs on the source code of CXBX but adding extra mandatory features that CXBX lacks. This XBOX emulator now supports multiple games as well. It works similar to that of the CXBX emulator making it a lag free overall experience.It comes with a customizable Direct3D8 engine which performs all graphics work.

Its supports many games of Xbox and Xbox one

This emulator only runs on PC with 32-bit windows OS, which is bit annoying.

Download link: DXBX Emulator


Though this is a Xbox 360 emulator it can handle Xbox one games as well as a charm without any lag. It converts the Xbox file into executable one. So, it can run smoothly without any virtual environment. This emulator supports GUI and patcher for smooth gaming experience. Its runs only on 64bit operating system, making it a best emulator for windows PC.

As the emulator converts Xbox games into the executable file so it can smoothly run directly on windows PC.

GUI is easy but misses out few patches.

Download Link:  EX360E XBOX 360

The above are the top 5 emulators available to enjoy Xbox experience on a windows PC. These above given emulators are still in development stage and wont support the most popular games but still supporting a large number of games giving Xbox experience on a PC.