How to download and play PUBG in India


Just like Tik Tok and other chinese apps, Indian government has announced that PUBG will also be banned in India. This announcement has come after the border tentions among India and China at Ladakh. This has created a big fuss all over in India and PUBG is the most popular game in India where celebrities like M.S. Dhoni is also a PUBG player.

Especially during lockdown the game’s popularity has reached it’s peak and this announcement is a shock for all the PUBG players in India.

How to play PUBG in India

Game is still playable in India , only thing is it has been removed from the google play store and ios app store.

Though PUBG has been taken away from the playstore , There are many other places ( like apkpure and even in samsung store) the game is still available to download. We’ve provided one more trusted sources below. please check it out if you are here to download the game.

But India may soon blacklist the network connection to the pubg chinese datacenters which make us impossible to play the game in India. VPN may work at some extent but free VPNs will soon reach their maximum bandwidth as all Indian players will try to use the free VPN and game will always be lagging.

Dont rush to buy Paid VPN as there is no guarantee that it will work.

We can try multiple tricks like changing the country in the profile to a different one. Here is one verified trick which may be work even if india blacklist all their data centers. Please follow the steps below.

1) Go to the pubg page in tap website . It’ll look like this


2) Choose Download with TapTap application

3) Search for PUBG KE and click download

This will start downloading the game. Once installed you need to create a new profile to start the game. Please note that this is korean version of the game and any connections from this game will be made to korean data centers , this is why we believe this may work even if India blacklist the chinese datacenter connections.

We’ll try either ways and keep posted , do check us regularly to get the latest updates.