how to make your old Smartphones work faster and add extra features?

Samsung UI Experience is known for its software lag even still after long development of flagships. Thats because of the heavy customizations and adding Samsung own apps to the native OS causes the OS to lag.
This has been a problem for years and samsung have heard its consumers.In recent models Samsung have improved the experience better. More interestingly, With Samsung experience 9.0 and Samsung experience 10 alpha one can enjoy a clean OS without much customizations but without losing the trademark samsung stuffs.

Samsung’s UI experience:

Samsung inorder to keep it a distinct and add extra features for samsung true lovers- customized over the stock OS.Making the smartphone respond slower once its get old making a bad over experience.

There are tools of user requirement/tools that can help to make your experience much better. Sam fix is one such better tool that lets you fix some of those annoyances.

Applications to improve Samsung UI Experience:

Samfix was created by XDA member to fix a few of general problems with Samsung OEM UI.
All it requires is the correct adb permissions or root access. For now the app has four toggles and developer confirmed more features will be added in Future.

Top Features of Samfix:

So keep an eye out for the updates.
Clean and easy UI.

Unlock the bootloader of the phone

Unlock the FPR lock of the phone.

The app disables the max ringing volume warning.
The next toggle disables the max brightness notification – Samsung adds a notification warning of the implication of maxing out the brightness on your phone
The next toggle is to alter the animation scale. By default the app opening animation timing is set to 0.5X, which makes app open animation to half the time.
Toggling this feature set the app open animation timing to 0.25X, which means it’s a quarter of the time of usually takes.
Finally the much famous grey scale, which sets the phone to Black and white.

Click here to download Samfix

All these setting are good if you are hardcore smartphone user and want a better experience can download the app and make use of it.
One more such app SystemUI Tuner which has lot of similar features.This app has more features than Samfix.
Click here to download System UI tuner apk file.
Most likely, you can try out both the apps to make your experience better on a samsung phone.