How to make slow motion or fast motion video from your mobile

Slow motion and fast motion video:

Most of the smartphones have inbuilt slow motion mode in their built-in camera app. But the stock camera app cannot create slow motion video of from existing video. To get slow motion video you have to record it as slow motion.


So what if you want to make any of your old video as a slow motion one.

We do have a solution. This application do not only create a slow motion video, it’ll also create fast motion video of your existing videos. You can upload this to your facebook or instagram account as well.

How to :

The App which does this magic stuff is Slow motion Video Fx. This app let you to choose existing video or to record a new video.

  • Download and install the app from play store
  • Select any one of the 2 options in the app screen.

  • It’ll show two options. Choose Record movie if you want to record it now or choose select movie if you already have the video ready.
  • Browse and select the video  if you chose “Select Movie”.
  • Select the particular frame which you want in your slow motion video. If you want to make the slow motion of the entire video ignore this.
  • Click Start button to proceed.
  • It’ll ask for your video speed. Select your speed as per your wish.1 being the normal speed.
    • If you want to make slow motion video you can select how much slower you want. 0.20 is the slowest available option.
    • For Fast motion video, you can select the speed. 2 or 3 being the recommended one asince 5 is the fastest.

Ta daa, your video is ready now!

You can try beow few ideas to begin with.

–  Try record your speech and make it slow or fast
– try record some objects which is falling down like and make it slow
– record your friend spitting water and slow it down
– record your pets and make it in in slow motion
– explore all your ideas here :)

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