How to make a Reverse video with music from your mobile

Reverse Video:

Want to be a magician? At-least in a video? Now you can be. This is really a magic stuff from the creator to make it so simple and so effective. Check out the video for few sample magic stuffs which you can do it here after ;)


How to:

let’s see how to make a reverse video. Let the fun begins.

You can use this application to either create a new reverse video or to make the reverse of an existing video. You can share this to your Facebook , Whatsapp or Instagram account as well.

  • It’ll show two options. Choose Record movie if you want to record it now or choose select movie if you already have the video ready.
  • Browse and select the video  if you chose “Select Movie”.
  • Select the particular frame which you want in your slow motion video. If you want to make the slow motion of the entire video ignore this.
  • Click Start button to proceed.
  • It’ll show you a number of options as shown below

  • Select “Reversed” if you want only reversed, or “Original Reversed ” if you want to play original first followed by reversed video  and vice versa.
  • Select your filter option from the list available. If you do not want any, select “No Filter”
  • Now comes the interesting part. What is fun if there is no music in the video. You can add music to this video.
  • Select any music in the list. If you want to add your own music, select “Choose Other” . Browse for your preferred music and add it to the video.
  • Click start reversing.

That is it. We’are done :). Well, Hello Magician . Share your magic tricks to your friends too.

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