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How to install LineageOS on any Android smartphones

Lineage OS

Lineage OS is one of the most popular custom Androd OS. This support most of the Android smartphone manufacturers including midrange and budget devices. Check here whether your device is compatible. The installation process for any supported devives are similar and LineageOS provides faster Android updates than many of the smartphone manufacturers. Today we’ll see how to install LineageOS on your Android smartphone


  • Backup your data as this process will wipe out all your data.
  • Make sure your battery is more than 65%
  • Remove any lock screen security set up like finger print authorization or pass code.
  • Install ADB and fastboot in your PC ( Here is the simple guide to install ADB and fastboot)
  • Search and download the LineageOS package to your smartphone from here.
  • Rename the downloaded file name as and place the downloded file in the root folder of the SD card for easier access.

Unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP

Your smartphone bootlader has to be unlocked before proceeding. You also need to install the custom TWRP recovery in your smartphone.

  • Follow this simple guide to unlock bootloader of your smartphone
  • Follow this simple guide to install TWRP in your Android smartphone

Once you have unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP and have the lineage OS package ready, we are good to proceed now. Now boot into the recovery mode.

Boot into Recovery mode

First step before proceeding is, Boot your device into recovery mode

  • Switch off your device
  • To boot into recovery most of the devices follow the similar process. You need to Press and hold the volume down and power button.  The button combination may vary as per the manufacturers and model numbers Below are the few exceptions.
  • For Latest Samsung smartphone with bixby button,you need to press and hold volume down, bixby and power button at the same time till Samsung logo appears. If your Samsung smartphone doesn’t have bixby button, just press and hold Volume down + 
  • For Asus mobiles, Press and hold Volume up and power button at the same time to boot into Recovery mode
  • If you are using HTC Device, you habe to Press and hold, Volume down , power and home button
  • For Lenovo devices, Press and hold volume up and volume down and connect USB cable to your PC. If it doesn’t work, try Voulme up + Power button combination
  • For LG Devices press a s hold Volume Down + Power until the LG logo appears, then release Power for a second and hold it again till recovery comes up.
  • If you are using Sony Smartphones, You just need to connect your device to your PC by holding volume up button

Installing LineageOS

Your TWRP Recovery may mode look like this. Color may vary depends on the version.

  • Click on the Backup button to create a complete backup. Copy the backup from your device to PC as we’ll format the phone in this process
  • Return to main menu, and select Wipe.
  • Now to remove the encryption, tap the Format Data button in the options and continue with the formatting process. This eill completely format your device and remove the encryption.
  • Now go to the previous menu (Wipe Menu) and tap Advanced Wipe.
  • Select Cache and System partitions and then Swipe to Wipe.
  • Make sure you’ve placed the downloded LineageOS file in the root folder of the SD card and renamed it to for easier access.
  • In your PC :Open the adb prompt again and type the below command
adb push /sdcard/
  • Go back to TWRP recovery and return to main menu, then tap Install.
  • Now Navigate to /sdcard, and select the package.
  • Then follow the on-screen prompts to install the package.
  • Once installation has completed, Go back to the main menu, tap Reboot, and then System.

That is it! Congratulations you’ve installed the beatiful LineageOs in your smartphone.


We’ve tried to cover the complete guide for all the smart phones. Please note that Lineage OS has provided the complete instructions specific for each models. If you want to access the instruction guide, Go to LineageOS downloads page tap on the three lines in the left top, Select your device and note down the packahe name they have provided right next to your model name. Now replace the XXX with the model name in the below link to access the instruction guide.


For Example, if you are planning to install LineageOS in your HTC 10, your model name is

Hands On

Here is the hands on video of Oneplus 5/5T running on Android 8.1 Oero based LineoageOS

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