How to install Digital-well being app in any Android Devices

Android Pie is the latest Os from google that’s started to roll out for many top end models. If not one can expect in coming months. Google Pixel phones are the first to receive the stable Android Pie updates.

Google launched the latest Os with many top features like Call screening , Digital Well being,  Top shot, Night sight which are exclusive for pixel devices atleast for now.

About Digital Well-being:

This helps us to get a complete picture of our digital habits and disconnect/reduce according to the usage. Its generates real time report on how we are using our phone, and helps to restrict usage based on usage time.

More Interestingly, Digital well being is one of the useful feature from google to understand how one uses his phone. It helps us to know which app we use the most. How much time we are spending on particular applications and control it.

Even-though, the app is in Beta phase earlier now its been available for the Pixel users from play store. For all other Android users scroll how to install digital well-being app in their phone.

Note: Digital Well-being is currently supported by Phones running on Android Pie (Android 9) Only. 

How to install Digital Well-being in Pixel devices:

This is pretty straight forward one need to install the Digital well-being app from the Google Play store and start using it.

App Download link for Google Pixel: click here

Digital Well-being

Click on the dashboard for detailed view of whats consuming your time.

Here are the few steps on how to install digital well-being in any Android Phones:

Step 1:

Download the app from our website and install it in your mobile.

Here is the download link:



Step 2:

Download the Pixel Shortcuts app from the google play store.

Shortcut app is an utility which helps to load the App which are already installed in your mobile but for some reasons doesn’t appear in launcher.

To download Pixel shortcuts- click here 

After installing the shortcuts app, load the app and enable the options as given below.

Digital Well-being is currently working for mobiles running on Android Pie, one can test in other Android phones and try as well.

Keep following us so that we will update once Digital Well-being is announced for all the Android Phones.