How to increase the bandwidth of 4G Wi-Fi dongles

Wi-Fi Dongle

When work from home is our new normal, the internet connectivity issue will become a big headache for most of us. Especially people who are at remote location may not have the privilege to gain faster internet access. This is where dongle comes into the picture. This has became very famous due to its ultra portability and inbuilt battery. However one of the main issue which most of the dongle users are facing now is Bandwidth. Default bandwidth offered by the dongles are very less and using any Wi-Fi extender will reduce the speed at least by half.

There is an option available at the latest dongles including Airtel/Jio to increase your bandwidth to double of the existing value. Below are the step by step process.

How to double the bandwidth of Wi-Fi dongles


  • Switch on your Wi-Fi dongle and connect your device
  • Open your browser and go to the device home page. (for example: or iofi.local.html depends upon your device)
  • Click on Settings on the menu. Below is the sample screenshot for airtel

  • On the Settings menu select Wifi Settings -> Advanced Wifi settings, You’ll see an option “Wi-fi” bandwidth
    please note that settings may vary depends upon the dongle brand and version. Search for Wi-Fi bandwidth option on any of the Wi-Fi settings menu.
  • By default it’ll be selected as Auto or 20M, you have to select 40M as option and click “Apply”. Your dongle may be restarted after this. This may have an impact on your device’s battery backup time. But you can revert this set up at anytime. 

Congrats! You just doubled your device bandwidth.

Please note that this may not work on few dongles which doesn’t have bandwidth support upto 40M. We have personally tested on latest airtel wifi dongle, Huewei LTE dogle and also yester year JioFi dongle.