How to hide your caller id in IPhone?

We are all much interested to buy a new mobile and for a week we will be so interested to explore the nook and corner to find the little tricks. Like below is one such interesting trick in IOS buried deep inside to hide caller-ID identification.

This little feature helps to make a prank call, to make a surprise call to your old school friend and we assume you aren’t doing anything that’s not supposed to be done with this. This feature will be handy when you think the person you are calling too doesn’t want to see your number.

Yes you can hide your number from displaying to caller.

How to Hide caller-id feature in iPhone:  

This isjust a simple basic few steps and no rocket science involved to do the same. You need to click on   Settings –> Phone –> SHOW MY CALLER ID and then toggle the SHOW MY CALLER ID SWITCH.

 You need to toggle the green button to turn it on/off. 


Some service providers give the option to block your caller ID at the source, so no one can see who you are. But these can be paid add-on feature depending upon the carrier which need to be cross verified.

But this is leading to a peculiar situation many use these features for commercial advertisements, which will be another headache and creates lots of chaos among users. As security is a primary concern everywhere.

Blocking the caller id for specific numbers:

  We can also use a feature where only specific user wont be able to find who are you using your caller id.

But this needs to be done with the help of service provider. Few companies give these features as free of cost whereas few give this as a part of add-on/additional charges.

Your service provider will provide a ¾ digit number which we can add the dialing number which stops from displaying your ID to the recipient. Instead they will be notified as Private number or No caller ID.

If you are in BT network  you need to add 141 before dialing any number.

Whereas these number diff according to the service provider. If you are from NA then the prefix is *67 for Verizon ,sprint, AT&T and T-Mobiles.

Please be notes the numbers might be changed please re-confirm with your provider before proceeding.