How to hide WhatsApp images and video from Android and iPhone Gallery

WhatsApp became an inevitable part in our smart life. It has changed the way of communication completely making it instant at time anywhere. With days roll and technology evolves WhatsApp as well changed a lot with better and better features.

Our Whatsapp will be full of memes, forwards and spams. It’ll be annoying to see them in our phone gallery. Let us see how to hide your WhatsApp images or images from camera roll(Photos) in iPhone and gallery in Android.

How to hide WhatsApp media from saving to gallery?

We all have a bunch of people and groups sharing images and videos every now and then. When all these images are in your gallery then no matter how odd your gallery will look like. Often you may miss your important images missed in the mess.

Below is the simple step to stop saving your WhatsApp images and video to gallery.

How to hide in Android Phones:

Open WhatsApp:

  • Click on 3-dot menu on top right corner,
  • Click on Settings,
  • Go to Chats,
  • Uncheck the box Show media in Gallery

Done Now none of your WhatsApp images will be shown in Gallery.

These settings will allow you from not saving any media to gallery. More importantly It’s to the complete application.

Besides that you can do it for individual contacts and groups as well. To do it individual contact/group in Android,

  • Open the individual chat/group by clicking on the name of the contact/group
  • Click on Media visibility and select No in the pop up menu.

How to hide whatsapp media from saving to gallery in iPhone:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on Settings symbol at bottom right corner.
  • Click on Chats
  • Disable the Save to Camera Roll toggle button.

From now none of your WhatsApp chats will be saved to Photos.

Likewise you can also hide individual contacts/annoying groups images from saving to gallery.

To hide for individual contacts/groups in IPhone:

  • Click on the Individual name/group name
  • Click on Save to Camera Roll option
  • Select Never (To hide from individual Contact).

That’s it now none of your Media will be saved to gallery from WhatsApp. Follow us here for more tips and tricks.