How to get Samsung S9 like AR Emoji in all Android smartphones

AR Emoji:

Apple is the first to introduce Animoji in it’s iPhone X. Samsung sooner tried to adopt this feature in it’s latest flagship S9 and S9+ with the name”AR Emoji”. But unlike Animoji, you have an option in Samsung S9 and S9+ to create an AR Emoji that looks similar to you. Samsung captures your appearance from it’s front facing camera and then makes a cartoon character that resembles you. Here is a 1 min demo video of AR Emoji.

Sorry to disappoint you, There were many apps where people tried to replicate this. But none came even close to the actual one. However we have one app that just allows you to add different types mask to your own face. You can record a video with that mask, or take a snap and forward to your friends. I’m preferring this one than tons of other fake apps because, this actually recognizes yiur face movement and reacts accordingly.

MSQRD is the app which was actually around before both Animoji and Ar Emoji.

This app may not create a 3D character of yours, but it adds an overlay on our real face. The App tracks your face and makes the mask to move accordingly. If you looking to create your own 3D character, Sorry to disappoint you. Many apps were there which creates a character using your photo. But they are all trash witj loads of ads and none reacts as per your expression. We feel this is a better one compared with other. If you know any such app that works better than this, please let us know in comments. We’ll try it and if it is really good we’ll add it here and will give credits to the user who commented.