How to get Samsung Edge screen display bar in all Android phones

Edge screen:

Samsung introduced edge screen display for tbe first time in it’s Samsung Galaxy S6. This was introduced as a reply to LG V10’s secondary screen display. Samsung S6 might not be the Samsung’s biggest hit, but Edge screen feature became famous in Samsung S7 edge. Even after Samsung introduced Samsung S9, Many users are still opting for S7 edge for it’s stunning look with the edge screen.

From Samasung Galaxy S8, Samsung made edge screen feature in all of it’s S series. The Edge feature are simple shortcut panels that enables users to access to frequently used apps, contacts, and much more.


Edge Screen feature to all Phones:

Remember we do not require Edge screen to have this feature. LG V30 added such feature with a on screen toggle. There are multiple such 3rd party apps are in app store, but here are the best two apps.

1) Edge Screen: Sidebar Launcher & Edge Music Player


Edge Screen sidebar app, comes with a clean and neat design and the interface is so user-friendly. You can customize the edge panels, and access your favorite apps, toggle system settings, a music player and a lot more by launching different side panels.


● App Edge: Add your favorite and most-used application in the sidebar panel and open them by just sliding to open the Add Edge panel.
● People Edge: How do you usually call or send a message to your frequent contacts? How about adding them to the People Edge panel and access to them from virtually anywhere?
● Quick Tools: Your phone is too big to open the notification panel with one hand? Well, try toggling system settings from the sidebar app.
● Soft Keys: The physical buttons of your Android phone are not working smoothly? Well, the Soft Keys panel provides you with software buttons that function as Home, Back, Recent Apps, and power buttons.
● Calendar: Your meetings, event, and appointments have never been easier to access the Calendar panel.
● Call Log: This edge panel lets you have access to your call logs and manage your call history from the edge panel.
● Edge Music Player: Can you think of the coolest and easiest way to control the playing music? Well, let’s try the edge music player feature.
● Edge Screen also enables you to easily take a screenshot and access your files and folders from the edge panels.

Click here to download the Edge screen app from playstore(Size:12 MB)

2) Meteor Swipe for Android:


Here is the 30 second demo how it looks like.

We tried this and there are no much lags, it is very smooth and easily accessible. In this app all the shortcuts are just a swipe away. This allows users to be one swipe away from their favorite shortcuts.


– Multiple panels;
– Support for apps, shortcuts, contacts & other actions;
– Folders;
– Floating Widgets;
– Themes;
– Icon packs supported;
– Various trigger modes;
– Blacklist;
– Mouse & keyboard supported;

Click here to download Meteor Swipe for Android (Size: 3.5 MB)