How to fix Jiocall or Jio 4GVoice app issues


Reliance Jio has broght a huge change in the Indian telecommunication Industry. Jio is one of the operator which first  introduced VoLTE, a way to make phone callse using Internet feature to Indian customers. However, by that time most of the device dint support VoLTE by default.  Hence Jio launched an app “JIO 4GVoice” which enables the users to use VoLTE. This is first of its kind and no other operators have launched a similar device yet. They may not needed now as even entry level smartphones comesnwith 4G and supports VoLTE by default. Still Jio is updating the Jio 4G voice app as this is still can be used by Jiofi and Jio Fiber users.

Set up and Issues

If you haven’t installed the Jiocall app install using this this link from the play store.

Using Jiocall, JioFi and Jio Fiber users will be able to make or receive phone or video call, send or receive text messages for the number associated with it. Though Jio has already solved many issues with the updates , still there are few which are annoying  the users.  Below are the few issues which many users are facing.

  • Crashing.
  • Won’t open.
  • Won’t respond.
  • Isn’t working properly

Initial check up:

Please note that Jio call or Jio 4G voice required all the permission to be active.  If your app is restarting or crashing or not getting working as expected,  this is one of the prinary reason. Make sure that you’ve provided all the required permission to the app. Follow the below simple steps to check  or provide the permissions.

Go to Settings -> Apps –> Jio Voice -> Permissions. Make  sure you have given all the permissions if not please enable them now.

Now try restarting your phone and  launching the app. This might fix most of the issues.

Issue with Android 9.0+

If your Smartphone is running  any version of android after  Android Pie, you may need to do one more changes to make this app work. Your app may crash or may not show the connected JioFi /Jio Fiber on the app home screen. Follow the below steps to fix this issue.

1. After installing the JioCall app, go to  Settings -> Apps ->  JioCall, mame Jiocall app as default messaging app

2. Restart your phone

3. Now you’ll see the connected Jiofi listing on the app , try connecting to it now


If you still face any issues,  try installing the older version of the app and follow the same steps as we did above. You can find all the older version of the app here.

JioCall app shows as offline:

Sometimes Jio 4G network will ve available Jiocall will be disconnected, this may be due to network issue. This will be fixed by tuening on and again turning off the airplane mode once.  This app will work only if the internet connection is available.

Anothet reason why it goes offline is it may be killed by android os in the back end, due to ram management. By whitlsiting this app this issue wont occur.


You can also email at [email protected] for online resolution of problem or call on toll-free number: 1800-891-9999 (toll-free).

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