How to find your lost smartphone – Enable this before you lose yours

Find your lost Android device:

Google’s Android has many awesome features and new features are getting added every day. But one of the main feature got less response from it’s users. May be they dont use it every day .But this is an important feature which everyone should be aware of it.Using Google’s Find my device feature you can locate your lost android device including android watch. Also you can lock the device, display a message and play a sound on it

Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of Android devices has it’s own “Find my device”. Neverthless both are for the same purpose.

You’ve configure this option in your android device before you want to locate it. Instead of feeling after an unfortunate happened, you can spend just 10 mins to set up this.Let’s see the step by step process to enable this option and guide on how to use it.

How to:

If your Android device do not has inbuilt “Find my device” app, please download it from the play store.Once you installed it , please login with your google accounts. That is it. You’ve enabled this feature. Now in case you lost your device, Just take any of the android Smart phone and download this app and login with the registered mail address. You can see multiple devices in the list including the one which you are using the current one as seen below.

In the top you’ll see all your devices which are using your gmail account. Select the device which you want to locate and you’ll see the exact location of the device.  Please note that location settings should be turned on to get live location. Else we can see the last available location which is still a helpful one.


Samsung provides it’s own app which does the same feature, but this has extra options like you can retrieve the messages or calls, extend tbe battery life, enable the guardian.


All you need is Samsung account and the prebuilt find my device application. You can enable this option when you set up your device for the first time use. If you missed to set up, No worries. you can set up at any time.

You can enable now in Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Find My Mobile.  Though the location is not live, You can find the last available location and the battery percentage of the smartphone.


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